I’ve worked for over a year in Ravensburger, a huge company who produces books, puzzles and board games. I was involved in different areas: starting the new BRIO shop & café, the shop with BRIO swedish wood toys that Ravensburger has in Spieleland, as a Verkäuferin, selling games and taking care of the little shop with a café.

As well I was on Ravensburger bookstore with the whole Ravensburger books, for children and youth. With the very well known WWW books, Wieso? Weshalb? Warum? 

Finally on Retail area, around Germany helping on starting the new Ravensburger shops.

Actually… my dream did not come true! It was to work at the editorial department, Ravensburger Verlag, and Herstellung, the book manufacturing department. I quit trying presenting my candidature, for few reasons there was no way I could be working there.

And then a spark of wanting to work for a smaller company, more environmental friendly, arised.

So I didn’t had any more motivation to keep finding my way to the top of the pyramide. I definetly value my strong will to try it, over almost two years! Learning German (I knew swiss-german)… Well, I was quite brave to start this position with my level of german and going far away from my friends from Switzerland.

Don’t know if I did my best. But I followed my vision and that was good enough, until I changed my motivation. At the end, I kind of fullfilled my dream…. working in Germany, with books and educational games…. And I did not stop playing!

Evening in Bodensee. I thought I will be visiting very often where I was living in Switzerland while staying in Germany- Anyway, the view of the Alps from Bodensee, always calmed me so much.

In the other side…

In the other side of Bodensee, the Alps… “immer weiter, Clara… ” Katrien always used to told me.

A good two years to remember, always my heart will be at the Alps!