en älg från Norden

To celebrate the end of my EVS year I went up north some days to hike alone, around the swedish Lapland. Suddenly I got lost in the forest… lucky me I came across with kind, handsome and vegeterian Elk, a type of deer living in boreal forests.

The girl says, I’m so lost… and the Elk says, I’m gonna eat you!!! But there is nothing really much to worry about, as he is an herbivore animal!!

Reaching Kebnejkaise, the highest mountain in Sweden.Definitely one of the most stunning places I’ve ever been.


This year I’ve had close to me the image of the Akka from Kebnejkaise from Selma Lagerlöf book, Nils Holgersson.

Couldn’t find a better way for me to end this year… my joys, my fears, going with Akka up north! 



The adventures of Nils, the boy that goes around Sweden with Akka.

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